The Ins And Outs of Buying Used Cars

The process of buying a car brings out lot of questions, but amongst all, the first and the most important is: should you go for used or new? Each has its individual benefits as well as demerits, based on which you can decide either to opt for used cars or not. The first impression that hits the mind with new car is that it is more advantageous and effective. But the same holds for used cars as well and in many instances it can be even more beneficial.

Advantages of used cars

The Ins And Outs of Buying Used Cars

The main advantage with used car is that it is less expensive compared to brand new ones. The user can step up to a nice model within their budget. This is one of the biggest features of used cars no matter what brand or model you select, the used models are far less in price compared to the new ones. This helps the user to opt for high range models and get more features. With used cars, you can get that satisfaction and perfection quite easily, as you can necessarily add and remove aspects, which will make it perfect. In other ways, you can build a used car juts the way you want your car to be.

Depreciation is quite common with new cars, and the steepest decline happens in the first year itself. There are many models, which may lose forty percent or even more in the first year. With used cars you don’t have to face such problem, this is completely out of the equation. With used car, there is a less mental depreciation, and owner can use it without any worries. Insurance is another aspect, which is affected by the age of the car. With used cars you can get less expensive insurances rates, a little market research before buying can be helpful.

Disadvantages of used cars

The main issue with used car is that you never know whether it met accident, mistreated by evildoers, seen so many wear and tear, no clean history, etc. This all adds to its demerit list and is not what you get with brand new models. With new cars, you get a warranty which is untouched, but with used cars you have to buy a warranty which is not from the manufacturer. New models are always technically sound, and everything is just perfect compared to used models.

Used cars won’t have any latest gizmos, shine and other special features, which are quite common with new ones. Safety is also an important issue with used models. All new models have well-equipped safety system such as airbags, blind spot detecting system, car parking assistance and many more. The new models have higher fuel efficiency as well low emission rates. Maintenance cost is also quite less with new ones and owner get good mileage. Another advantage with new car is that the owner gets low finance rates because the vehicle is inherently more worthy compared to the used ones. Each has its merit and demerit; it is the owner who will decide which one is more beneficial for their purpose.

The Ins And Outs of Buying Used Cars

Buying a used car does not have to be an intimidating feat if you have the right information. By following this brief guide, you will be able to find a used car that is perfect for you.

Picking the right car: When shopping for a used car, there are certain things that you should ask yourself before you begin. The answers to these questions will help you sort through all the used cars that you have looked at. First, you need to decide whether the car will be used for work or pleasure, or a mix of both. How many passengers will be in the car most of the time? How much is in your budget for fuel, taxes, repairs, and everything else a car need? These are all important factors to help narrow down your options and get you one step closer to your dream car.

Meet the seller: Once you have the primary questions answered, it is important to meet the seller. At this point, you need to ask about the history of the car, as well as the condition that it is in now. When viewing the car, make sure you have plenty of light, as this will make it easier to notice any significant damage to the car.

Inspection: Viewing all documentation is very important. These documents include the logbook, all MOT certificates, and the V5C registration certificate. Check to make sure that the VIN has not been tampered with in any form, and take a good look at the car for any forms of rust, or anything that seems out of the ordinary. Once you have looked the car over and viewed all of the documentation, you should have a good idea on the condition of the car.

Drive: One of the most important, and last, steps is to take the car out for a test drive. Make sure that everything is in good working order; if the car handles well, providing that all of the additional criteria has already been met, it’s time to purchase the car. Make sure all the paperwork is in order and is sent to the DLVA, and enjoy your new ride.

The Average Price Of A Used Car

The World is moving fast with all new features and specialties around making life easier and comfortable. The present day lifestyle has changed to a great deal. Earlier individual used to afford two-wheeler but now they have more options with so many car-manufacturing companies around them. You may not have Audi or Benz, as long as travelling is easy and comfortable a car is great to have. It is not necessary to have a brand new car. With new car, the price is always high compared to used ones. Now it is something, which comes to mind when you are opting for used cars, what is the price of used car?

Prices that are always within reach

New car prices are almost double the used ones, but there are lots of factors that depend with it. Getting a used model has a lot of benefits at least from the investment point of view; less investment and you are done with the sole purpose. But it is important to consider important issues like the price and the reasons, which are effective for any particular model. Based on the country where the road condition is good, and the cars are managed well, gives you an upper hand. In such cases the car price will be bit higher as it has not seen much wear or tear, the road is good means less pressure on the machine.


Car handled by single owner can be one such factor that will help the buyer in deciding the exact price or the most appropriate price for any used car. Single owner maintain and keep cars in good condition. The price of well-maintained cars are far below from the one sold by manufacturers and is 20 to 30 percent less. This helps the used car buyer to get comparatively new car at best possible price.

Check every essential aspect

The price of used car depends on every important aspect such as the engine, car interiors, color and many more. Once the owner checks and confirms every such aspect, it gives that confidence from within. Another important thing that controls the prices of use car is the distance it has traveled. More the distance less is the selling price. The used car market is buyer’s market; just make sure you check every small aspect. The price varies on the model; latest or old model helps in judging the exact price of used cars.

It is quite understandable that the model which is presently running in the market will be costlier compared to the older one, getting eth popular one will be the best deal. Getting spare parts, and another maintenance is easier for the car compared to outdated or previous models. All such factors help in judging the exact price with used models. However at an average it has been found that the price of used car moves around 20 to 25 percent less, but depends on the model, which is on offer.

Why Is A Car Registration Number Important To Check Before Buying?

Car registration is very important and applies to all countries around the globe. This car registration number is a legal necessity and should be available with the owner; you never know when it is required. The vehicle registration is a plate, which is attached with the trailer and considered for identity purpose. Based on the country the registration is a combination of both alphanumeric characters, and it is unique for every user effective enough to identify the car in any circumstances. In case the car is not registered there are strict laws resulting to jail or fine, mostly depends of the circumstances.

Importance of car registration number

The car registration number is a proof or also evidence that you have paid all fees and taxes making it legal enough to drive around the country. For all users or owners, driving in public property, should register their vehicle and get the car a valid registration number. It is an annual fee, which the owner needs to pay. The amount is decided based on the age, model and the make of the car. With older models, you have to pay less compared to new ones. If you are buying a used one, checking the car registration number is equally important.

The registration certificate for used car is equally important and provides you all vital information regarding the car. This helps the user to get the engine number as well as the chassis number. With that number, you can get details regarding the owner as well as the state where it was registered. For relocating the car to another state, you have to register accordingly and help you in sorting out issues faster. But this is a time-consuming process and for that reason most individuals tend to skip the step. The registration certificate can come handy in case you meet an accident.

Check the registration number before buying

The car registration number is unique, and it helps in all possible ways. There may be a situation where you meet an accident, resulting in complete damage of the car engine. In such cases, the car engine may be replaced, and you should ensure for a new registration number. In the case it is not changed it will result in any legal case against the owner. For any owner opting for used car, make sure you check the car registration number and keep it all along, quite handy and effective.

There are lots of document that needs to be checked before buying a used car. There are insurance certificates, road tax receipts, service book, fuel certification and many more. One amongst such documents is the car registration number. Normally with used cars owner tends to avoid such document as it is bit time-consuming. For any accidental or relocation cases this registration number can be helpful enough. So whenever you are going for used cars check all such documents, and it will ensure safe and secure deal. With all documents, you are the sole owner of that car.

What Should I Look For When Inspecting A Used Car?

Buying used car can be confusing and for every owner it is important to inspect each and every part to make sure they get what is worth the investment. A proper inspection and thorough understanding can help you get the best out of used cars. There are loads of things that need to be considered before buying used car, at times it may be frightening but it is important enough. Apart from inspecting the car physically there are many more concerns that need to be taken into consideration. Here are some items that will help you inspecting a used vehicle.

Checking the form

The car should be on level ground before checking, as it will help to check tires and other aspects. It is important to check the paint job of the car, just to ensure no rust scratches or dents. The trunk of the vehicle should be in good condition, and it should not have any rust, cracks or holes. Tires should be matching, and the alignment should be just perfect else it can cause trouble in the future. Get under the car and inspect for body rust or the exhaust system. The saddler should be bolted in; it should not be soldered on either side.

Under the hood


It is essential to check every small part under the hood for any damage, rust or dents. This will ensure whether the car is poorly handled or taken care. Check the best and hoses; the radiator hoses should be hard enough. It is important to check the engine in case there are any leakages or corrosion. The oil fill cap should be lifted and the residue inside should be checked. Checkout the coolant in the flow jar, normally it should be clean and regularly flushed. The timing belt should be checked, as it is costly to replace.

Inside of the car

It is important to check the interiors such as the seat, upholstery in case there are any stains, tears or tips of any kind. Turn on the air conditioners and check if it is working well or not. The odometer of the car should be checked as its helps in counting the mileage. This also indicates the car’s age. Normally 10,000 to 15,000 miles covered in one year, so you can accordingly decide the age. Verify each and every function such as CD players, parking camera, sensors, radio and other features thoroughly.

Test while driving

If you are inspecting a used vehicle then test drive the car which will help you to decide the condition of the car, before coming into any conclusion have a test drive and check every aspect of the car. Make sure the brakes are pressing comfortably; there are no strange noises and other aspects. Check small trepidation as in 45 / 55 / 65 / 75 mph. After checking all, such technical aspects consider financing and other warranty issues related to the car. Once you are thoroughly satisfied, you can opt for the car.

Used Car Language: What Is Cut-And-Shut?

Cut and shut are every frequent and one of the common cases in secondhand or used car business. There are lots of methods or techniques that you can detect such cases. The cut-and-shut motor needs considerable effort from the welder who necessarily cuts, welds and other spraying are done. However, the most common issues that come with such motors is that there are no guarantees or assurance of safety, high-speed handling, drivability, structural integrity and braking. It is nothing but a death trap and for that reason important enough to detect such cars and avoid.

Spot cut and shut cars

Amongst used car models, such types of cars are very common, and it is necessary to check the model thoroughly to detect such problems. It is important to identify these cars in the market. According to official estimates there are around 30,000 cut and shuts around the road or UK. However, a proper investigation and check is necessary before buying used cars, there are professional who can help in detecting the best of used cars. Mostly the cut and shuts are joined at the rear top windscreen and around the C- pillars. Check those areas and pay attention to the upholsteries.


Another important aspect or way to detect cut and shut cars is by detecting uneven panel gaps, varying or mismatched paint shades. Checkout for faint traces of sprays, which are of the paint that are on the handles or in the window seals. Never visit any used car market in the rain or bad weather conditions. It is tough to detect such minute flaws, and you may end up buying a cut-and-shut vehicle. Check the VIN digit of the car and correspond it to the one that is mentioned in the paper.

Can seek the help of experts

At times, it can be daunting to find out any flaws with such used cars. There are some professional who are quite effective with such investigation and can be helpful enough. Check the service history and other previous MoT certificates that are available. Any unexplained gap can be asked for clarification. Be careful with cheap cars or even extremely cheap cars. As a deal, it may sound good but in reality can be something full of flaws. A professional inspection can be of good help; not only they will help you to find out the exact price but will guide you through the complete process to make you realize how effective or reliable the car is.

According to a recent study, there are many such cuts and shut cars available in the used car market, if you are willing to buy used car try to avoid such models. Not only the models are unsafe and have poor braking system you also won’t get any guarantee or assurance with the model. It can breakdown at any stage or after some period. A professional inspection team can guide you through the compelled process of checking every flaw with the model.